India – Emmanuel Ministries

Matthew 9:36-38
Jesus says that the workers are few, but the harvest is plentiful. What he meant was that there were few that were willing to follow him and work for him, yet there were many who were just waiting to hear the truth.

Dr. Sam George and Dr. David Herne have been working together for the past twenty years. Heritage AFlame has been parterning with Emmanuel Ministries since its beginning years.

Emmanuel Ministries consists of several churches, English Matriculation Schools, Orphanages, and Bible Institutes. At this point Sam & Elizabeth have almost sixty orphans that are considered part of their family along with their own seven children. Scores of orphans already have come through their care and continue to be added to the family.

These children are cared for and educated from elementary school all the way through the Bible Institute training. Then, the graduates are sent back out all over the nation of India to share the love of Jesus with other Indian people. When these young men and women commit, they head out fully knowing that they might be martyrs for Christ.

Heritage AFlame works with Emmanuel Ministries to see India reached for Christ. You can be a part too. To sponsor an orphan or a Bible college student, it only costs $30 a month. To get involved, email us to let us know. We will be in touch with you.

Emmanuel Bible Institute November Update 2014

This video is from the Andaman islands off the east coast of India.  These are children being taken care of by a graduate of Emmanuel Bible Institute in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu. These children had no place to go. We thank God for Pastor Basker and his wife for excepting the Lord’s call to not only…

Special Prayer Letter from Dr. Sam George

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, Greetings in Christ’s name! By God’s grace, I reached States on March 24th along with Wayne, Betsy, and Aidan. Thank the Lord for the safety during the travel and for our health. I am writing this letter with a special request for more prayers for the ministry in Tenkasi. Last…

group prayer

Ministry Update for Emmanuel Ministries in Tamil Nadu, India – Feb 2014

We praise God for all that He is doing through Emmanuel Ministries in Tamil Nadu, India. Four major events took place, February 27th through March 2. On February 27 the Emmanual Matriculation School held the annual kindergarten graduation. Almost 60 children, adorned with red caps and gowns, happily received their diplomas. Many of these children…

The "Emmanuel Children" in Tenkasi

The “Emmanuel Children” in Tenkasi

The “Emmanuel Children” in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, India. The four young boys highlighted here were once abandoned. By God’s grace, they are continuing to live in a home where they are loved, sheltered and educated. If you were able to visit today – Thomas, Aaron, Matthew and Isaac would greet you with smiling faces saying…