Kenya – Heritage Aflame

We praise God for the opportunity of sending the radio program Moment by Moment into Kenya on the World Harvest Radio. Through the years we have had many contacts for individuals requesting materials, Bibles and prayer. For the past several years we have been standing with brother Ron Pinkerton of Reclaimed Africa Ministries. Ron is working hard with the indigenous people in the Pokot territory. So far, to the glory of God we have assisted Ron along with other committed partners by drilling water wells, helping build churches and schools, providing textbooks, purchasing food, assisting with transportation – including sending funds to purchase a ministry vehicle and two motorcycles, and providing funds for shoes, transportation, Bibles, medical supplies and pastoral support. Ron, his wife Freshier, Pastor Nicolas and so many others are joyfully giving their lives to help the poor and destitute in this region of Kenya. They are willing surrendering their lives for the furtherance of the Gospel. Please pray!.

Chairs for another church

Dedicating a new motorcycle

Ron sharing the Word

Praying over people

New sound equipment for Jesus film

New water well

Food being delivered