Liberia – Community Church Ministries

Matthew 11:28
“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

The Community Church Ministries, Inc. is a Non-Profit entity established on December 9, 1991 in Danane, La Cote d’Ivoire and subsequently incorporated on June 17, 1999 in the Republic of Liberia.   It’s mission work was also extended to Camp Laine on July 27, 2003 in the Republic of Guinea.

Having fled Liberia due to civil war, many Liberians found refuge in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). During this period of time, a church was started for refugees. Eventually, due to civil war in Ivory Coast this group of people with God’s protection escaped home to Liberia.

Pastor Dave & Heritage AFlame Ministries first came into contact with Jasper & Ebenezer while they were living in Ivory Coast. Since this time, the ministry in Liberia has been able to take root again is: church planting, provide relief through food and clothing, social work, i.e. latrines, water hand pump, medical care, education, agricultural business, and radio broadcasting.

Out of persecution and tremendous hardship, God continues to produce tremendous fruit for his kingdom.

October 2016 Missions Updates

Dear Saints, By the grace of God, we bring you greetings from the families of the Community Church Ministries. God has been so gracious to our families and has been blessing the field of work He has called us to do in the midst of diverse challenges. Having said that, we are overwhelmingly thankful to…

Liberia December 2015 Report

Dear Saints, Please find attached couple of pictures from a new church plant in central Liberia that began this year as a result of a Macedonian call. These are pictures of what God is doing the through Plakar who began a new church at Cotton Tree in February 2015 and this second one few months later in Pengai Town,…


Liberia Update from March-April 2015

Dear Saints: By the grace of God, the months of March and April has ended and we want to share with you once again what the Lord has accomplish in this part of the world in the expansion of his Kingdom, the transformation of human lives through His Holy Spirit and the advancement of the…

the Jesus film

February 21015 Update from Liberia

Dear Dave and Heritage AFlame family members, By the unique grace of God, the month of February has ended and we are once again overwhelmed to send out our monthly missions update regarding what the Lord has accomplished through all of us as we obediently carry the gospel and make disciples through the help of…

ebola in Liberia

October Ministry Update from Liberia

By the abundant grace of God, we have come to the end of the month of October 2014! The fact that I am a Liberian who survived in the midst of the deadly Ebola virus that has taken many lives without my family and other ministry team members not falling prey, we are indeed profoundly…


Community Church Ministries EBOLA Emergency Intervention

Project/Working Team In the wake of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria according to the World Health Organization a UN Body, it has claimed the lives of over 1000 persons, it is now a national emergency situation. This is a disease that kills 90% of its victim! President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf…

Febuary 2014 News and Updates From LIBERIA

Dear Saints: By the supernatural grace of God, we completed our 11th week long Annual Conference with several delegates present. We baptized 29 converts during the ceremony on Saturday. Our General Assembly made several resolutions in regards to growing healthy churches and building their capacities which was our central theme for the conference in 2014….

Liberia September Missions Update 2013

Dear Heritage AFlame Family, By the abundant grace of our Precious Lord and Savior Jesus, we are once again grateful to the Lord for great things He has done and greater things He will do! Another month has just ended and we want to be very appreciative to our brothers and sisters who the Lord…

Liberia – Success Stories to the Glory of God

MINISTRY CHALLENGES The mobility of our lead team to adequately tour ministry sites around Liberia due to the lack of a ministry vehicle is still a huge challenge. Brand new or used vehicles here are not on loan basis, but cash down. We are still trusting the Lord for an open door in this direction….