Malawi – Christian Resource Ministries

Enock Dimba is a bishop and pastor for Christian Resource Ministries in Malawi. In 2000, he started Maoni Orphanage in southern Malawi. The orphanage resides on the outskirts of Blantyre and today works with over 190 children. Besides providing for the physical needs of the children, they are also educated and taught them Jesus loves them.

Heritage AFlame supports this ministry on a monthly basis both financially and prayerfully. However, due to worldwide conditions, food is extremely scarce in Malawi. They continue to trust God for there daily needs. Please continue to pray that God establish the plans and goals and dreams for His work there.

Along with serving at Maoni Orphanage, Bishop Dimba is also involved with evangelism, teaching, and preaching. He travels around to the churches around the nation that have been planted and encourages and oversees the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Distribution of new Bibles and Materials

New Believers Guides printed in the USA in Tribal language

Pastors studying the Word together

Renovation of Classroom

The Land Rover – Praise God for His provision.