Ghana Ministry Update May 2017

Dear Rev. Dave and Heritage Family there in the USA, By God’s grace we are making it here. The work is demanding but we are ready to give our last breath for Jesus as we obediently go out into His vineyard plucking fruit. We thank you for your special love and prayer covering as we buried my second child, our oldest daughter. The Lord helped us. Many attended the celebration of life service we had. The Gospel was preached, people made decisions and we were able to bless the Lord God of Abraham and today’s church. We are hurting but not like those who have no hope. Please pray for my wife and other children.

The new bus is running well. Parents are very pleased with this development at John Rogers Academy. However we need your prayers and kind consideration once again. You know the two vans/buses that you helped purchase have had hard use on the roads here in Ghana. We have purchased new motors for both and have worked on the frames and bodies. We must do that once again. Please see these pictures. We are trusting God for His help to bring these hard working buses back to life again. Thank you for praying with us.

We are grateful for all you have done for us through the years. Please keep praying!… John Adjei

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