A Letter from Gideon Ukubit in Nigeria

Church in Nigeria

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ as you remain so wonderfully blessed in Him. Thank you once again for the camera you sent to me which is serving a great purpose here. You will see the attached pictures which shows the church building here. I have taken the inside view of the church, the main building from the front view, a building which we are have started building which will acomodate John Rogers Bible Institute, the children yesterday while they were having their choir rehearsal, I and my daughter in her graduation from a reputable computer school which she had a credit{to God be the glory], my wife right in the church, some people responding to the word of the Lord last Sunday which I preached on: TOUCHING THE HEART OF GOD. These are the pictures so far that I can send to you for now. We keep praising the Lord for all that He is doing here to the glory of His name.
Our main challenge right now is the fund for the registration of the ministry which I am asking if you can send me some part of the funds to pursue the registration.
The Lord bless you real good for all you are doing to make His work here on earth stand.
Greetings to all the brethren there.

Your servant in Him, friend and brother,
Gideon James Ukubit

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