Ghana 2017 Summary

Dear brothers and sisters,  We thank our heavenly Father for His faithfulness, greatness, love and mercy that endures forever.  Our God’s Word is alive and sharper than double edge sword.  We believe the Lord will judge everyone according to what he or she has done to promote His Kingdom business.  We are very much grateful for the years we have been partners with Dr. David and the Heritage AFlame and Southside Chapel Family USA.  We have witnessed many lives transformed through the preaching of the Gospel and concentrated discipleship.  Last year alone we saw 380 people baptized.  In that group were once idol worshipers, people from carnal churches and some demon possessed.  We praise the Lord for saving lost souls.

This year we are looking at sharing the gospel in more than 100 villages.  Our vision this year is to win one thousand lost souls for Jesus Christ.  How we can do this is not readily known.  But we do know that Nothing is too hard for the Lord!  We trust God for His support and strength.  We rest in His hands.

We thank you for standing with us since 2002.  We appreciate your continuous support and prayer.  Please see the proposed school bus to be purchased.  Thank you so much for sending funds already.  We are trusting the Lord to complete this purchase by March.  God can do it.  That is for sure.  Our school children have been praying so long for this.  Thank you for helping us in this way.  John Rogers Academy is doing well.  Our school has national recognition and many commendations.  This is the Lord’s doing.

My wife and I have a dedicated prayer team.  We are taking in orphans now.  These children are in distress and are suffering.  We are providing food and clothing for them every month.  Please pray with us and consider trusting God for a few more dollars each month for their care.  God will help us with this humble cry.  We look forward to having father Dave and wife Daisy with us soon.  We also look to see brother Brad Sloat, Al Batt, Bob Jordan and Sister Catherine with us again to see what the Lord has being doing here.  May God give long life to all of you in the USA.  We love you.  Thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing for us here. 

God will bless you.  We great respect and love,  John Adjei

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