Liberia September Missions Update 2013

Dear Heritage AFlame Family,

By the abundant grace of our Precious Lord and Savior Jesus, we are once again grateful to the Lord for great things He has done and greater things He will do!

Another month has just ended and we want to be very appreciative to our brothers and sisters who the Lord has used to accomplished so much in regards to expanding His Kingdom of God, transforming lives and communities through our ministry. We think it a privilege. God could have used another team of people, but He chose to use us as one of the ministries He is using in this dispensation. We are deeply humbled by that because, He must increase and we must decrease.

I am grateful to also graciously celebrate my birthday and wedding anniversary. I count it a great blessing to still be on planet earth!


  • By the grace of God, consistent bible studies, night vigils, Sunday school, new membership classes at the various locations where our local churches are planted are still ongoing. These activities help our members to grow spiritually.
  • The launching of Community Church Ministry’s National Youth Leadership occurred in the last two week. As you may be aware, we envisioned the raising of 250 emerging leaders who can steer the affairs of our ministry in the nearest future. This is one key reason why we are so passionate about ministry to kids and young people.
  • The Kid’s ministry and discipleship is still ongoing at Forestland on weekly basis. The kids outreach and discipleship has been able to add more kids to our kid’s church and the school enrollment.
  • As you may be aware by now, the Community Church Ministries is not just planting churches around the sub-region, but planting holistic churches that helps in the transformation of the community where churches are planted. We want to be involved in helping our national government to reduce the very high illiteracy rate in Liberia. In this regards, the growth at Forestland Community Church School has drastically increased from 175 to 300 students this semester. I was able to spend an entire day at the school’s campus to observe and I was greatly impressed by what I saw, despite the many challenges being faced by the administration to successfully run the school. The school is very short on almost every available resource. However, they are doing their best and making enormous sacrifices. Thanks to Ebenezer and team!
  • The construction process for 2 additional class rooms to accommodate students at the Forestland School is ongoing. The roof has been placed; the walls are being raised gradually to accommodate the 300 students’ enrollment for this semester. Most of the community’s less fortunate parents who cannot afford huge tuition fees at other schools have sent their kids to the school. From nursery to 3rd grade cost $75.00 per semester and from the 4th grade to 7th costs around $100.00 excluding the feeding of students three times weekly which is being done by the administration as a goodwill gesture.
  • By the grace of God the Bong Mines Community Church has been able to put into place a deliverance ministry team that spends quality time in prayers weekly to cater to the needs of people who are having experiences with demonic attacks. Pastor Leon Moore has some dramatic testimonies of what the Lord has been doing in that regards and its adding new members unto His church.
  • As we do holistic church planting in cities, towns and villages, last week we again dedicated of 3 newly constructed additional hand pumps in the month of September. Those hand pumps were constructed in Willie Town, Zubah Town and Check Point Community respectively. These towns have over 300 residents and they now have access to safe drinking water thus reducing waterborne diseases.  These residents were very delighted to see a church doing such because it is unheard of. These hand pumps construction are smoothing the grounds and hearts of the people for our church planting purposes.
  • By God’s grace we received a donation for the continuation of school building project in Brooklyn Community, Gbarnga Bing County and we are grateful for such miracle! (Heritage AFlame Family – Thank you!!)
  • The Ministry’s Women Lead Team were able pay a high power visit at Believers Community Church in German Camp to provide encouragement to the church and its women in regards to making preparations for their upcoming convention in December. Thanks to Cece Kpadeh!
  • By God’s grace, there are about 12 different ministries exclusive of the Community Church Ministries, that Jasper provides ministry coaching for around Liberia and it was our delight to see one of them(Freedom Evangelistic Ministries Outreach in Christ) lead by Pastor Theophilus Guah that is about 7 months old baptizing  14 new converts. To God be all the glory for great things he has done and greater things He will do.



Additional (50) desks and benches for schools extra number of students the Lord added to our school. It costs$20.00 for a set.

Weekly feeding for the students at the school and the kids outreach and discipleship weekly program.

Instructional materials for the school

Transportation (Vehicle, motor bike)

Cements, planks/wood, bundles of zinc, steel rod, for the completion of Palm-view Community, Bong Mines, Walking in the Light, Believers and Island Churches building projects


Fast and prayer vigil at Forestland Community Church

Women’s Convention

Leadership Training in Kakata

Leadership training in Chocolate City

Revival meeting at FEMOC


We invite you to fervently pray for us when you can an give to the work of the Lord when you can.

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