Special Prayer Letter from Dr. Sam George

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Greetings in Christ’s name! By God’s grace, I reached States on March 24th along with Wayne, Betsy, and Aidan. Thank the Lord for the safety during the travel and for our health. I am writing this letter with a special request for more prayers for the ministry in Tenkasi.

EzekiammaLast week, two unexpected incidents happened at our Children’s Home. On March 18th, one of our girls in the home passed away. This young lady, Ezekiamma, was 32 and her passing away was very sudden and unexpected. She has been with us for 18 years and during that period, she had epilepsy. On 18th evening, as usual Elizabeth was calling her out for dinner but she was found in her room with no movement. The doctors came and said that it appears to be a cardiac arrest. A funeral service was held for her on March 19th. The entire Emmanuel family is still in shock as she is missed. But we trust and know that God is still in control and that she is rejoicing with the Lord. Your prayers are much needed and appreciated!

Another girl, Muthumari, had a small accident which resulted in her upper arm being broken. She underwent surgery and has been in the hospital for 8 days. Please pray for a quick healing and recovery.

We also request continued prayers for the School Ministry. Our 10th grade students are about to start their public examinations. Pray for wisdom and strength for these students. Thank the Lord for enabling our 12th grade students to finish their public examinations. Thank you for praying for them. Please pray with us for a God honoring and glorifying result in both the 12th and 10th public examinations.

Thank you for your prayers for the ministry of Bible Institute. We had a blessed graduation service and mission conference.

Myself, Elizabeth and all members of Emmanuel family is grateful for your prayers and encouragement!

God-willing, I will be in the States until the 29th of April. If you would like to contact me, you can email me at sgeorge@emmanueltenkasi.org

I will be with David Herne and Heritage AFlame Ministries April 5 and 6. I am looking forward to being with the believers at Southside Union Chapel and Believers Chapel.

Thank you again and God bless!
Yours in Him,
Dr. Sam George

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