Liberia – Success Stories to the Glory of God


The mobility of our lead team to adequately tour ministry sites around Liberia due to the lack of a ministry vehicle is still a huge challenge. Brand new or used vehicles here are not on loan basis, but cash down. We are still trusting the Lord for an open door in this direction. Having one or two vehicles will greatly facilitate ministry travels at will.


The edifice expansion project at Bong Mines Community Church and bike to aid the pastor in his outreach efforts to other 3 church plants he is administrating. The need to construct a worship center for many street, orphans and abandoned kids from the Mango Town community along with adults who are being converted from Islamic background is a challenge. The living room in which the new church in Cotton Tree began meeting is becoming congested and we are trusting the Lord for local resources to ably seat the growing new church.


Please pray with us and support us in doing what the Lord has called His church to do that will see souls been won, lives and communities being transformed for the glory of God.
Please pray that we will not be complacent in missions, but more passionate and intentional about holistic church planting.
Please pray that the Lord will provide the resources needed to reach the lost.

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*Heritage AFlame is grateful for what the LORD is doing in and through our brothers and sisters in Liberia.
The following was taken from a recent news update from Jasper Williams. Thank you for praying! Thank you for giving!*

Dear Saints:

By the grace of God we have ran through another month and we got just few more months to go as we see the end of 2013 coming to a end.

We just want to abreast you once again of all the Lord did through our team work in August and want to extend our deepest appreciations to you for your prayers and enormous support that helped the Community Church Ministries, Inc. Thanks and continue the good works! Unto the Lord be all the glory for great things He has done and greater thing He will do!

This month we want to be grateful to God who has made provisions for 20 new machine drilled water wells to provide safe drinking water for countless number of people living in towns and villages. As a result of those demonstrative gospel actions a village among those villages that has two blind men has asked us to plant a church in that village (Gbata Town).
If we can’t do great things for our Lord, let’s do small things, but in a great way.

Success Stories to the Glory of God

By God’s grace our leadership team underwent two days Community Development Workshop at the United Liberia Inland Church geared towards steering our ministry to take a holistic look at the various communities where we are involved in church planting. At the end of that seminar we resolved as senior ministry leaders to combine our resources to reach out in a holistic manner in church planting; In the month under review, the Lord used us to conduct assessments for the drilling of 20 community hand pumps for safe drinking water and 8 health and hygiene workshops in 8 of the 20 communities. 6 of those hand pumps have already been dedicated in Mango Town, New Varney Town Zone One, Nyeablah, New Varney Town Zone Two, Nyean, Cephas Town in Bong Mines and Brewerville respectively. The rest are being drilled as we speak. To God be the glory for great things He has done and greater things He will do! Amen

By the grace of God the Mango Town Community Church (aka Walking in the Light) has 14 new candidates ready for baptism, 2 new members were added unto the church and the they were also able completed the walls of their temporary worship center and the purchase of chairs to seat the growing church membership from 1 person to 68 persons, Bible studies, prayer meeting and other discipleship activities are on going. This new church began exactly a year ago through the efforts and the 24th Street Community Church. Praise God for great things He has done and greater things He will do!

We met with our community kids around Forestland twice in the month of August the first attendance was 78 kids and on the second Saturday we met with 148 kids. As you may now be aware we attach a very serious passion to our kids outreach and discipleship as a way of raising new generation of church leaders and missionaries who can replace us tomorrow. We are very intentional about it and we do care to invest whatever resources necessary to cater to them just as we would to our ministries to adults.

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Our leadership teamed up with Rev. Siakor once again as we usually do in training TOTs of the Wesleyan Church in Liberia. We ran a 5 day training in that regards. By the grace of God, the team leader of the Wesleyan Church in Liberia is also organizing Forty (40) schools teachers undergo the outreach and discipleship to kids training next month.

The Brooklyn Community Church measures its strength not in its seating member, but its sending capacity. In this regards, it was able to distribute 15 bibles and 100 pieces of gospel tract to residents of Cotton Tree and Brooklyn communities respectively in its outreach efforts. As a result of the distribution over 30 guests attended the new church worship services at Cotton Tree and 5 guests visited the Brooklyn Community Church in the month under review.

*(Heritage AFlame praises God for a special financial gift to assist the Brooklyn community Church.)*

Jasper Williams & Ebenezer Browne (Community Church Ministries)

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