Malawi Outreach Trip was a Great Blessing!

prayer and healing

Dear Dr. Herne,

Greetings once again from Malawi in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord

Thank you very much for your prayers on Dzangaya trip, the Lord provided funds for the fuel of the trip.

We knew that the Lord wanted us to go to this village and have a purpose for the people of the village and his servant who will be overseeing 6 Churches around that area.

It was a very good ceremony as a lot of people in the village came and other Overseers within the area came also.


Some overseers at the meeting singing…..

women dancing

Women are dancing while bringing Mrs. Chikuse.

set-apart for Ministry

Mr. and Mrs. Chikuse seated waiting to be set apart for ministry.

listening to the Word of God

Giving the couple the word from the Bible about the work, they are about to take.

choir singing

Choir singing on the day

group prayer

I and Overseers praying for the couple after ordination.

We had a very blessed time as in our teem we had my Uncle William who has been unwell for three years – now he is well after a successful operation and he shared his testimony to the people gathered on this day.

William and his testimony

Uncle William giving his testimony

prayer and healing

He was able also on the day to pray for others who were sick on the day.

We really thank you for all your prayers and support.


Have a blessed day.


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