Malawi Update 2014 – Thank you for Giving!

Maoni Orphanage kids in line for food

Dear Heritage AFlame Family, Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your prayers and support during Christmas time, which we had a very good time with the children at Maoni, I took some money you sent to provide for the Christmas party at Maoni Orphanage and I bought some papers and ink to print the Christmas message that Auntie Paula (Ayers) sent.

Maoni Orphanage kids in line for food

The children had a nice time and good food which was rice with chicken’s meat, also bananas, biscuits and all sorts of snacks, Coca-Cola, Fantas (soft drinks) as you can see!!

children eating at Maoni

Due to many deaths, (whether from Malaria, HIV Aids), of people are surrounding Maoni Orphanage – the local village head man, asked us if we can be helping over 30 children whose parents are dead. We told them that, the school and the orphanage is full, we can’t take them as residential, but we will help them while staying in their villages e.g. School fees, Blankets, Pens and note books and not forgetting to come to the orphanage once per week to meet the nurse, for their health check up.

orphans at Maoni

Some of new orphans at Maoni.

These new orphans were among others also at the Christmas day.

The children were very happy to hear from the massages that Auntie Paula sent and we were also able to print and give the massages to each child. This is very important to both of us the orphans and the Dimba family as we feel so close when we readout it was as you are here with us!

Pastor Masamba speaking

Pastor Masamba reading out the massage while Petrol Jecky one of the orphan who is taking plumbing course at Mikolongwe interpolating into Chichewa for them to understand.

child reading

Reading the massage in Chichewa

group of children at Maoni

Some of the children outside the girls dormitory with their Christmas messages.

On 1st January 2014 I will drive to Nchalo community Church of Pastor Fly Andrea, just to be with them and pray for the New Year of 2014!!

We are ending with a high split and so zealous to serve the Lord and the team is also very ready. January, February and March, we won’t travel much, if we travel, will be to those Churches which are along the tar marked road and very passable. Also to let the people to work in their field gardens

God bless you so much in this coming year and I will be sending my annually report in January 2014.

I am yours,

Co – Worker in the field of Great Commission of “GO YE”


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