Malawi Update and Prayer Requests

Dear Dr. Herne and Heritage Aflame Family,

Thank you very much for your prayers and support, we were able to have MK25, 000.00 for our trip to Laundadelo.  After the Church service we were able to have the meeting with the Pastors and some crossed the bolder from Mozambique to meet us. We had wonderful time with the Pastors and some church elders from different village churches.


We discussed about the challenges they are facing when serving the Lord and we prayed for each other and we left the same day late hours.


Discussing and sharing ideas with the Pastors and some church elders


Some of the youth at Laundadelo community


Some of the Church members at Laundadelo community Church

Urgent Prayers request:

Please pray for these three things:

  1. 20th Chabwera Community Church, we will go there on 20th July, we surely need your prayers and that the Lord should provide for the traveling expenses, we need K45, 000.00 to visit this village.
  2. 50 Blankets for children at Maoni Orphanage, it is very cold here now and we still need 50 blankets for the children of Maoni, especially the young ones who bed wet. A blanket is costing about K5, 000.00 each and with MK250, 000.00 we can have blankets for all children who are urgently need them.
  3. Keep on praying for all children who are still writing their exams.

Be blessed,

– Enock

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