Malawi News Update – October, 2013

Maoni Orphanage

Thank you very much for the money sent ($1, 408.00). I was able to collect it today and I bought 50 Blankets at the same time.  We will buy fruits for the children and the remaining money will go for maintenance’s of the Girls dormitory and toilets.

Maoni Orphanage
With your help we were able to buy the quarry and some River sand and Cement for the project, we have begin putting new floor on a first room.

Girls dormitory
Removing the old floor in the girl’s dormitory.

new toilets
We still need more help to paint and buy more cement, new doors, and rocks on the girl’s dormitory.

About the toilets, we have finished removing things in a pit and we need more cement for the work and we have already the bricks for the project.

As I stated we have bought the Blankets for the children and we will give them the same when we welcome them back from the outreach early next week. We will give them also the fruits and I will send you the pictures.

Once again thank you very much for all your prayers and support. Keep on doing it for us and the Children at Maoni.

Have a blessed week end.

– Enockl

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