Malawi Update June 2015


We had a very blessed a fruitful month of May, thank you very much for all your prayers and support.

Praise the Lord!! Through the folks there HE has provided MK225, 000.00 needed and we were able to pay what we owed the garage for our field Vehicle.

Malawi Vehicle
Saying bye to the church.

Chichewa Bible
A Village head man Mula receiving a Chichewa Bible. (He was a Muslim but during our first visit to his village 2 years ago he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  (Now he is still strong in Christ).

Chichewa Bible
The Church under the tree, their church was swept away because of the floods, so thankful after receiving a Chichewa Bible to replace the one lost in floods.

children children
We are able also to reach the children in those villages visited with the Good News of our Lord through read and color books.

Yao Bibles
Off loading some Yao Bibles from our field vehicle

evangelism trips
One of the charts we teach in our evangelism trips called heart of Man, one simple way to make people understand their salvation in Christ Jesus.

Giving to some Pastors Chichewa and Yao Bibles in Red cover

tracts tracts
More and more tracts we carry with us in our traveling, reading some of the tracts we have just given.

Coming for prayers after the message.

We were supposed to leave on 1st June to 15th June 2015. But the program has changed and we are going to leave on 12th June 2015 and we will come back on 28th June 2015 God willing.

And below is the changed program and we have added a new village called Thapo. The pastor there came here after hearing that we are planning to visit their area and he has invited us to visit them and it will be our first trip to visit this village.

June 2015 – Malawi Churches

12th June 2015 morning Lisuli village Church – Chikwawa

12th June 2015 evening Nkozere village Church – Chikwawa

13th June 2015 morning Utumbe village Church – Chikwawa

13th June 2015 Evening Ntamba nkhokwa village – Chikwawa

14th June 2015 morning Saopa village Church – Chikwawa

14th June 2015 Evening Beka village Church – Chikwawa

Mozambique – Tete province

15th June 2015 Mikesha village Church- Dowa

16th June 2015 Chikula village Church- Dowa

17th June 2015 Nkhungwa village Church- Dowa

18th June 2015 Salima village Church – Dowa

19th June 2015 Mchacha village Church – Dowa

20th June 2015 Mtengowambalame village Church – Dowa

21st June 2015 Simonje village Church – Dowa

22nd June 2015 Nyakatambala village Church – Dowa

23rd June 2015 Mbila village Church – Dowa

24th June 2015 Madziakhanga village Church – Dowa

25th June 2015 Chigang’a village Church – Dowa

26th June 2015 Njanje village Church – Dowa

27th June 2015 Thapo Village Church – Dowa

Some collection, in my e-mail about students under Maoni Orphanage writing exams, I said they will finish on 29th May but some will finish on 1st June and others will finish on 2nd June 2015. This is because some didn’t take other subject as they were given choice to choose other subjects.

Prayer request in the month of June 2015

  1. Pray for the traveling mercies to the villages in Malawi and others in Mozambique.
  2. Pray for the Evangelism team health, Jesus film equipment and the Generator to work very well as we travel.
  3. More people to understand their salvation in Jesus Christ and those who received him already to be encouraged in faith during our visit in these bush villages.
  4. Continue praying for the form 2 students who are still writing their exams.
  5. Pray for MK575, 000.00 that is needed for the June Evangelism trips.
  6. Pray for a village head man and others who received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in the month of May, (for them not to be backsliding but to remain faithful in their faith in Christ.)
  7. Maintenance of the buildings at Maoni Orphanage.

We are all doing fine and looking forward for a blessed and successful month of June 2015.

Be blessed.

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