Letters & Feedback

By the grace of God, through the years the Heritage AFlame Ministry Family has made it possible for us to send over One Million Tracts to over 76 countries. We praise God for the opportunity to provide thousands of Bibles and other books as well.

From Cameroon – Dear Heritage AFlame Family, Please receive my heartfelt greetings from Cameroon.  I give a special hello to brother Dave.  I have recently been able to get on the Internet in our town. I congratulate all of you for letting God work in and through you in many places.  I want to thank you for the NIV Study Bible you sent me.  It is rich in content and I think it is a must for pastors to possess here in my country.  Thank you for the other materials you have sent here in the past:  the gospel literature, study books and materials.  We are grateful for all these things.  We humbly ask you to continue sending materials as you can.  God is using you to be a blessing to us.  Pastor Tantoh Joseph, Niptop Baptist Church, Cameroon

I am very grateful to write to you once again.  You helped me with Bibles and Bible tracts while I was studying as a seminary student.  Now I am a pastor.  I have discovered many people have no or little knowledge about the Bible.  Could you please help me again with materials that will enable me to lay a good foundation class.  Thank you for your loving consideration.  So many people will be blessed here.  I know I will hear from you soon…..Pastor Nwenso Flavious Yeye,  Cameroon

From Nigeria – Greetings to you all in Jesus name – Amen.  I was about to follow the wrong step, but someone directed me to you through literature.  I was made to know that God can answer prayers.  I have been in great distress and have been suffering from many problems.  Some who practice witchcraft have been attempting to oppose me greatly.  They have even threatened my life, but I must stand in the evil day.  I must not retreat even if I lose my life.  I humbly ask for your prayers.  My aim is to follow God wholly.  I am a Sunday School teacher so I would appreciate your literature.  I desire to testify unto the LORD forever.  I beg you to keep me in prayer.  E.A.E., contractor in Nigeria

From Ghana – Dear beloved brother in Christ,

I am Michael from Ghana.  I am in need of some of your materials.  I want to evangelize my area for Jesus and His Gospel.  I work with very poor people including widows and orphans.  I am not asking for money, but I do ask for your prayers and for your kind consideration in sending Gospel materials for me to use and distribute.  The LORD is calling me to reach out to those who need salvation.  I was saved from a life of idolatry 20 years ago.  I have committed my life to serving the LORD.  Now with my wife and oldest son I am fully engaged in various ministries.  We know you have a love for Ghana.  Thank you for all the materials that have been shipped here.  Please do not stop sending.  The Kingdom of God is moving forward.  God bless you and all your households.  Your collaborator in the vineyard of Christ, Pastor Michael Walker

From Bolivar, NY USA – Dear Heritage AFlame –  Thank you for your recent financial help as my brother was seriously ill in the hospital.  We were all able to be at the hospital and watch as he was upgraded from critical condition.  We are grateful for all who make this possible.  Thank you for praying.  God bless you – C.H.

From Ethiopia – Warm greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.  First of all I would like to introduce myself to you.  I am Rev. Efekadu Geleta Buigu from Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.  The LORD saved me from a family who openly worshipped Satan.  In fact all in family, but me, died in this darkness.  I was saved by the light of the Gospel.  Please there are so many in our area that need to know Jesus.  Can you help us spread the Gospel?  Anything to assist us in outreach will be appreciated.  Gospel literature, bibles and books are desperately needed.  I know you send these to others.  Please respond to this plea as well……Sincerely your brother in Christ, Rev. Efekadu Geleta