50 NIV Study Bibles for pastors and church leaders in Ghana

Study Bibles

Ghana Mission Trip Study Bibles
Above left: The Ghana Team had many opportunities to pray for the LORD’s work throughout Ghana. Above Right: Heritage AFlame Ghana has requested 50 NIV Study Bibles for pastors and church leaders. Our Ghana team was able take 12 with us. We need 38 people to be willing to donate 1 Bible @ $25. Contact Dave at dave@heritageafame.org if you would like to help us in this project.

Orange Trees
Our Orange Trees are starting to produce! These oranges will be sold on the market to help support our school in Swedru.

Ghana Team of Leaders
We had a great team – Doug Reynolds, Catherine Kinnicutt, Paula Ayers and Church Eddy. We all sang, danced, prayed, shed tears, laughed, witnessed and shared. Nothing is too hard for the LORD.

Church Planting
This was one of the first villages we planted a church in. Behind our team and Ghana family is the Mission Home Heritage AFlame Ghana built.

Mini Vans
We have been able to purchase two mini-buses for John Rogers Academy. These vehicles are constantly on the road and need regular maintenance.

Mission Ghana 2012

Nothing is too Hard for the Lord!

A team of believers, Paula Ayers, Chuck Eddy, Catherine Kinnicutt and Doug Reynolds, left Rochester, NY on October 22. The next day Dave and John Adjei (Director of Heritage AFlame Ghana) greeted the team with a big “AKAWAABA”. For the next 10 days the team had many occasions to interact with the Ghanaian believers in various settings. We praise God for opportunities to preach, teach, dance, sing, cry, laugh, shout and worship. Dave noted that this team was extremely attentive and cooperative. Heritage AFlame Ghana, under John’s leadership, continues to grow spiritually, logistically and numerically. By God’s grace during our first decade of doing the LORD’s work we have witnessed tremendous blessing: thousands have made decisions for Jesus; hundreds of children are being educated; churches have been planted in outer regions; church structures have been built; wells are providing clean water; bibles and gospel literature have been distributed; teachers and pastors are supported; orange trees have been planted; land has been purchased and church leaders have been ordained. Nothing is too hard for the LORD. We give God the glory for all He has done. We also express sincere gratitude for all who faithfully pray and financially support the work.

From John Adjei

Dear Dave,
With great joy and happiness I wish to render our sincere appreciation to Heritage AFlame Ministries, USA in sending a team to the Ghana Branch of Heritage AFlame. We greeted you on October 20 and then the team on October 23. Many trips were made and all of us continue to be amazed to see what the LORD is doing in Ghana. Souls were saved after the preaching of the Word at Jacob and Samuel Villages. The team walked the rain forest bridges and visited the fort that processed millions of slaves for so many years. We acknowledged God’s grace and wonderful purpose in our lives today to rescue those who are still in bondage to sin and darkness. We were thankful to be able to celebrate Doug’s and Catherine’s birthdays in Ghana! I praise God you were able to ordain nine individuals. Setting them apart for the LORD’s work was very moving and challenging. Many things were accomplished on this trip, but so much more needs to be done. Thank you for bringing your team, Paula, Catherine, Charles and Douglas. May God bless you. Nothing is too hard for the LORD. With love and gratitude, John Adjei, Heritage AFlame Ghana.

PS Thank you for the extra funds you left to accomplish projects and also the funds sent to overhaul one of our buses.

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